Up2 Water Level Control Valve Kit 3/4" Top Mount

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With Up2 Kits you're not only getting a great water level control valve, you're also getting superior fittings to get the job done right. Their easy to follow video will get you up and flowing in minutes. Up2 gets you from your water source, through the water tank, and to the right valve all in one kit. Oh, and for less than $25. Up2 has four options. Simply decide if you want to mount your Up2 valve from the ceiling (Top) of your tank, or from the wall (Side) of your tank. Next, decide if your water source is 1/2' or 3/4". Up2 kits come in:

  • Top Mount 3/4'
  • Side Mount 3/4'
  • Top Mount 1/2"
  • Side Mount 1/2"
If you've done your research and seen their videos, you're probably already aware of Up2's high standards. So, not only are you getting a reliable water level control valve with high pressure fittings, they've also made the setup and installation easy. Up's backbone is a great valve and bulkhead. They feature Juny patented technology with high impact PA66 housing and stainless steel components. Their jet-black bulkhead is double threaded and gasket sealed. You'll immediately notice the step-up in quality. Up2 has a few tips for drilling a bulkhead hole. It's not difficult if you use the right bit. Here's what you're looking for: The 1/2" kits require a 1 and 1/8th inch hole. The 3/4" kits require a 1 and 3/8th inch hole. Up2 has drilling tips for your viewing. Up2 ships out all orders daily from their facility in Wisconsin, so they should arrive at your location in a few days.