Up2 Water Level Control - Why you should get the kit.

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When it comes to water level control valves, Up2 puts everything you need in one kit.  Well actually four kits, depending on where you want the valve in your tank.

It's not enough to have a great control valve, their kits give you the fittings you need to make it work, the right way.


 It’s hard to believe Up2 can pack so much power into something smaller than an orange. But it’s not just about water coming clean, steady and fast.  There’s more.

Up2 far exceeds industry standards with Juny patented technology, for unparalleled reliability.

Discovered by way of precision design, multilevel engineering, rigorous testing and research, Up2 products deliver water level control for unlimited home, commercial and industrial applications.

it all starts with a great valve.

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You'll be up and flowing in minutes with their easy to “install by hand” connections.  With Up2, high volume discharge, enhanced velocity, and shut-off responsiveness are assured.  Up2 appreciates that it's all about trust.

In order to earn it, they use stainless steel and high density Nylon PA66 material as the foundation and bones for compact quality performance.

Up2 is available in 1/2" or 3/4" ports with side or top intake options.  All of Up2 products are certified beyond the leading standards and are designed for use via Industrial Garden Hose, Standard Garden Hose or PVC.


Once your order is placed, it is sent to you from their facility in Wisconsin, usually the same day, so you're not waiting for a low quality valve to ship from some country half way across the globe.

So whether your project involves RV’s, pools, solar energy, aquariums, livestock or literally hundreds of other water level control purposes, you'll discover Up2 quality, and versitility the first time you use one.

Check out Up2 online videos for more information, detailed advice, instructions, and a demonstration.

You’ll discover why Up2 is trusted worldwide.