FAQs MastLube

Q: How many do I get?

A: LubeSlugs comes in a pack of three.  LubeSliders comes in a pack of three.  LubeRays come in a pack of two

Q: How many times can I use one of these?

A: Many sailors get two usages and sometimes more out of each one  

Q: There is a lanyard in the box. What is it for?

A: You can use it as a safety line if you like, from your halyard shackle to your retrieve line shackle  (see image below) as an added precaution.  Or use any line you like to connect the two shackles  

Q: Where do these ship from?

A: These ship out from our facility in Wisconsin

Q: Why can’t I find this product on Amazon?

A: Because Amazon takes over 50% of all sales